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Play #YourOwnMusic

Our DJ Course aims at teaching aspiring DJ’s the art of mixing tracks in a way to create a party vibe wherever you play. Whether you are complete beginner or simply want to improve DJ Skills this course is for you.

Course Overview:

Intro to DJ’ing and Identifying the genre of a song
Intro to Traktor S4 MkII Dj controller & a guide to pioneer DJ Setup (Cd players and DJM Mixers)
Identifying the tempo / BPM (Beats per minute) of any song
Setting Cue points to a song
Playing in sync
Mixing tracks continuously
Using Special Effects
Guide to a creative and a harmonic mixing session

Come, let’s Play #YourOwnMusic

Aria Musico Mumbai courses are aimed at aspiring Dj’s & Music producers.

All ages & Abilities are welcome. For more information or any queries, please get in touch with us.

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